Renuke Coswatte

Running A Profitable Laundry Operation for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, there are always two considerations at the forefront: how can I keep costs low, and customer satisfaction high? Almost every business decision in a hotel operations manager’s sphere is directly related to accomplishing these two goals. From sales and scheduling to staffing and maintenance, all decisions must take cost control and […]Read More

Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an emerging destination in the Asian region for medical tourism & is well renowned for the quality of its medical services as well as being a major player as a holiday destination. Tourists from all around the world come to Sri Lanka each year to take advantage of the beauty of the […]Read More

Human Resource Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry might not be unique in its dependence on customer service, but few other sectors in the modern economy are so closely linked with it. Most organizations within the crowded and competitive space live or die by their ability to effectively cater to the ever-changing demands of a dynamic customer base. Companies that […]Read More

The Journey of Arrack in Sri Lanka

The term ‘arrack “etymology has also given space for some scepticism, partially because it’s been around for a long time. Moreover, in various parts of South and Southeast Asia, the term is often used to identify local drinks produced from fermented sap from specific sources berries, sugar cane, grain, etc depending on the country concerned. […]Read More

Potential Of Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda, however, has emphasized individual, personalized medicine and wellness since its foundation thousands of years ago. Western medicine lacks concepts pertaining to Prakriti that recognize a person’s inherent individuality and the doshas, that are the basis for individual behaviour, physiology, and spirituality and, hence, the health, wellness, or predisposition to illnesses for each person. Ayurgenetics represents the union of […]Read More

Website is your cutting edge marketing tool.

If you want to have a room in the Hotel Website of your company, you need people to visit your page. Such users can come from many places, but one of the main causes of site traffic is search engines. That is because users who discover websites using a search engine are far more inclined […]Read More

Market Analysis Tools For The Tourism Industry

Political environment Political factors globally have a direct and deep impact on the hospitality industry. The political environment, especially in fragile states, has a direct impact on building ‘trust to travel’ among tourists be it local, regional, or international. In the event governments recognize tourism as a major factor in their economies, it has opportunity […]Read More

Spiritual Tourism a Niche Segment in Sri Lanka

Spiritual journeys are one type of cultural tourism that is on the rise, as people are increasingly looking to develop their own spirituality and to discover that of others. In fact, spiritual tourism is based on a variety of motivations, ranging from traditional religious tourism to alternative medicine to forms of deep immersion in nature. Spiritual tourism is defined as an act of travelling […]Read More