Get Nature Bound With The Cliff Lodge

 Get Nature Bound With The Cliff Lodge

Surrounded by the picturesque views of the Haputale Mountain range lies a haven for the traveler seeking a true nature escapade in all its full glory.

The Cliff Lodge offers a perfect getaway into the remote beauty, wilderness accompanied by total serenity of the Paradise Island.  They have a unique setting hidden away in the ruins of Line-houses of a former Tea Plantation offering one the chance to immerse oneself in the breathtaking splendor of Mother Nature.

The uniqueness and the simplistic nature of the campsite make it appealing to the avid traveler thirsty for a surreal encounter with mother nature. The “Off the Grid” living experience with no electricity, hot water, and limited phone signals combined with a tailored adventure put together by the Cliff Lodge staff is the promise of an unmatched experience to even the most seasoned excursionist. Situated on the top of the cliff, it was a former tea plantation.

Tents are installed in the old line house remains left behind by the tea pluckers about 50 years ago. Not only can guests reserve their fully equipped tent, but they can also expect mouthwatering camping meals and warm hospitality. Here lies an opportunity for one to reconnect with nature, encounter the spectacular and ever-changing views of the mountain range, sunsets and sunrise, and get closer to the beauty of Sri Lanka in its purest sense.

Another special feature of this particular clifftop spot is it ensures that the guest gets individualized attention by limiting the guest’s intake to one booking at a time. That way, it enables the guest to make memories in complete privacy in the great outdoors off the grid in a wealth of natural beauty on display.

There are many opportunities to learn something new abound during trekking adventures. The Lodge also allows its guests to sleep in nature in a glass pod and an out of this world stargazing experience.

With a drive and inspiration to divulge in nature and to protect and preserve the ecosystem in the Haputale Mountain range area, two typical city dwellers from London, Anke, and Naveen were on a mission to share with the world what they have experienced first hand during their travels in the area.

Anke hailing from Germany has great knowledge of fine dining restaurants in international 5-star hotels. She has worked as a hospitality manager in Hamburg and London. She also developed and managed client fine dining divisions at UBS, KPMG, Hewlett Packard, and Welcome Trust. Naveen is from Sri Lanka and lived in London, where he completed his studies in Hospitality Management. Before the Cliff Lodge venture, he was working for prestigious private members clubs such as Mosimann’s Private Dining Club and The Royal Automobile Club.

It’s been a long-standing dream for these two nature enthusiasts to run their own glamping business in a perfect spot in Sri Lanka. In 2017 the owners attempted to find investors to invest in their glamping business.

“In December, we decided to Camp at the Cliff for a few days to see it, to hear it, to touch it, to taste it, and to feel it.”

Anke and Naveen, Owners of The Cliff Lodge-

Nevertheless, with encouragement from their friend Wasantha, they decided to go all in and start the business despite not being able to find other likeminded investors.

“Being full of energy and enthusiasm, Wasantha actually encouraged us: “We can do this,” – he said and now, “We are doing it.”

 The Cliff Lodge opened its doors on January 4th, 2018. The Lodge has three tents, three lanterns, a very wobbly roof on one compartment, a toilet, a shower, and running water. It’s a very small space with a shower, toilet, running water and a very basic set up. The team is determined to make the best of this very small startup opportunity.

All Together Step by Step! Stone by Stone! Bit by Bit!

The couple, along with the help of Wasantha and the communities around the area, cleared the jungle out of the old line house ruins, set up stone floors in the compartments and fixed roofs, and a kitchen. They blended in the stones and fallen trees in the forest by carving benches and tables, and made it all a part of the all-natural interior design. The business also opened doors to local staff members from the surrounding communities, creating opportunities to support people in need and the environment. As the owners describe it conservation and reclamation of the natural environment is the heart of their business

“Things were changing day by day month by month, …and they still are. Back then, it was just us, but already in late January 2018, we were ready to welcome our first guests to experience this perfect escape and explore the wonders of mother nature.”

Naveen & Anke – Founders / The Cliff Lodge

Just 4×4 vehicles can power through the last 8 km off-road to get to The Cliff Lodge. Not many people were willing to take this path. Wasantha was able to find a jeep and driver to carry the guests to the cabin. An off-road jeep trip and a 1.8 km walk through the mountain forest is the only endeavor you put in to explore this incredible and off the grid scene with the promise of Breakfast in the sky and dinner under the moon. Choose The Cliff Lodge to immerse in nature where the sky touches the mountain

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