How to Become a Legendary Front Office Manager

 How to Become a Legendary Front Office Manager

Are you a person who naturally blends in, is passionate and your drive are to be there for someone when they need you? Are you a person who could see things and anticipate things proactively? Or you are a person who can listen and understands the emotions and issues of some else? Is your dream to be an hotelier? Those whom are with above qualities with the right knowledge, trainings, passion and commitment and exceptional personalities will be the ideals to become legendary Front Office Managers.

Not only in a hotel or in a resort, first impressions are everything in hospitality. The way your front desk operates, greets and attends to guests can make or break the image of your hotel. And like all good leaders, a front office manager leads from the front. If you can become a good manager, you will be able to lead by example and your staff will get the right knowledge and training from you to excel in their work.

Thoughts for you to, improve yourself and become a legendary front office manager.

In a hotel, guest satisfaction is an absolute. The only way you can ensure guests are satisfied and happy with the service provided by the front desk is if you value your guests. So, treat each customer personally, professionally and courteously. Make sure you have the time to listen to the smallest problem and resolve it. If you make commitments to guests, you are expected to meet them. Remember to follow up, even prior, during and post solutions given. Train your team members to check in guests quickly and also facilitate the check out as quickly as possible. If you are following any quality standard make sure all training and process are in place to deliver them.

Once you become more attentive on the needs of your guests and are open to both constructive and destructive feedback, you will be able to anticipate their needs and fulfill them.

In the hospitality industry, small details have a huge impression. If you want to be the best front office manager your guests have ever seen, pay close attention to every detail. The front desk should always be neat and tidy and manned by staff that is neatly groomed. In addition, make sure every team member of the front desk is at their position at all times and greet guests with a welcoming and friendly smile. Even the floral arrangement to furniture and fixtures on the front desk can have an impact on the way guests perceive you and your hotel. So make sure the flowers are fresh, furniture and fixtures are arranged in an attractive manner.

As a front office manager, you will be responsible for numerous divisions, including the service centers, reservations, housekeeping, security and concierge. So, you need to manipulate so many things all together and if you are not organized, you will not be able to prioritize work. If you can organize yourself at work, you will be able to focus on each aspect of your responsibility efficiently and this will help you identify areas of improvement. Then you can come up with strategies to improve service, thereby becoming a better front office manager. Plan ahead not only for today, next week, month and quarter will make you the well-organized leader you wish to be.

A good front office manager makes time to connect with his team as well as guests. When you talk to your team members, you will find out the problems they are facing in providing good service to guests and then you can come up with solutions to help them out. You also want to mix and talk to your guests to help them feel relaxed in your presence to speak out their concerns and ask questions.

When you have direct contact with your team members and guests, you will be able to assess situations properly and handle questions and concerns that staff and guests may have. Never forget your team doing the night shifts as well, make sure everyone is been treated friendly, fair ad firm when essential.

To be an excellent front office manager, you should have your eyes and ears open. This will help you identify areas that need improvement and you can take the necessary actions. When you are focused on tasks and end results, you will be able to use your resources better by having the right strategies and plans in place. Remember you play one of the most important roles in the property.

Even though you are the front office manager, you should be able to be a team player and be able to work with your subordinates and other department heads without letting your ego come in the way. This will help you build a team that takes ownership and excels in its work. When your team works brilliantly, it reflects on your managerial skills and abilities. Great team players not only have a very good IQ, there are very good in understanding emotions of others.

Don’t wait for top management to tell you how to improve your department. You are the front office manager and you should have the anticipation and ability to initiate improvement to get the desired results. Remember, the success of the hotel depends on your and your staff’s ability to handle guests and address their concerns. If you can make guests happy without being told, you have turned into a fantastic front office manager. Remember communication is the key to your success.

When things are going right, you will receive all the recognitions. But if things go wrong, you should be able to stand up and take responsibility for it. You should be able to sit down, analyze the situation and come up with a solution, so that it does not happen again. Do not try and blame your staff or others if things go wrong. Instead use problems to improve yourself and your department.

Always make sure you talk to your team, appreciate their efforts and commitments. When required make sure you are open for new solutions and suggestions from your team, train them, coach and guide and grow them.

When you are front office manager, you are responsible for your guests’ satisfaction and well-being. When your guests are happy with your service, they will return and also spread the word about your hotel to friends and family. So creating a good impression and ensuring your guests leave the hotel with positive feelings should be your objective. If you achieve this goal, you have turned into an outstanding front office manager.

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  • Great personality. Very calm, well organised, empathetic front office manager. Together worked @ cinnamon bentota beach hotel. All the very best for you’r future. Good luck!

    • Thank you Nalaka!

  • I was lucky to be at the pre-opening team with Danushka at the Executive Lounge of the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi. He is the best hotelier as have ever met. Good luck!

    • Hi Dinara, You yourself is an exceptional hotelier! Thank you!

  • Dear all.

    If you’re a person who wants to be a Legendary Front Office Manager in the Luxury Hospitality industry, blend and build your personality with the above qualities.
    Glad to work with GW in two different properties in 2 different counties and to have a great relationship in this hospitality industry,

    All the very best!

    • Dear Faizal, Thank you!

  • Humble personality crafted for heartfelt hospitality. Amazing role model for Front of the House operations. Was lucky to work together with Anantara and he was a great asset to the organisation.

    • @saman kumara Thank you Saman.. You yourself is also a true hospitalier yourself.

  • This is great. I have associating Danushka for quite a sometime, and to me he is a real go getter. I wish him all success for his future.

    • Thank you Dhilip!

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