How Will COVID-19 Change The Way We Travel?

How Air Travel is changed post COVID-19? This video examines every single air travel element from airfares, at airports to cabin layouts and in-flight service, things may look very different once we start traveling again. Shall we expect higher or lower airfare?

Shall we expect longer than normal process at the airport? What will happen to social distancing onboard an airplane? Will there be the same in-flight food and beverage offering like before? What will the arrival formality like after landing?

This video shares the latest aviation industry developments such as new seating innovation and contactless travel with minimum touch points as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An Italian aviation design firm has proposed a new concept for commercial flights after COVID-19: Glassafe aims to separate passengers amid social distancing.

Flight After COVID-19: Hygienic Screens in Economy Class Cabins

While airlines seek new ways to help passengers practice social distancing on commercial flights, one Italian aviation design company debuted a new product that might forever transform the face of economy class travel in planes. To answer the challenge COVID-19 poses to the commercial flight industry, Aviointeriors developed a hygienic screen to cocoon passengers, to separate each person from their neighbors, reports Simple Flying.

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