Spiritual Tourism a Niche Segment in Sri Lanka

 Spiritual Tourism a Niche Segment in Sri Lanka

Spiritual journeys are one type of cultural tourism that is on the rise, as people are increasingly looking to develop their own spirituality and to discover that of others. In fact, spiritual tourism is based on a variety of motivations, ranging from traditional religious tourism to alternative medicine to forms of deep immersion in nature. Spiritual tourism is defined as an act of travelling domestically or overseas to visit spiritual places such as mosques, churches, and temples and natural environments such as forests, oceans, lake, spiritual gardens, wildlife parks for birds and animals, botanical gardens, caves, and rocks for spiritual reasons to fulfil the need for being grateful to almighty, forgiveness, and inner peace


The success of any tourist destination depends on how well they have identified the motives of tourists and how well tourists’ needs and wants are looked after by that destination. Tourists even look the same, but they have different motives of how to experience their vacations and the destinations they visit. Some come to the tourist destination for relaxation, others come for pleasure, and some come to experience spirituality. The modern world is heaping people with so much suffering despite technological and other sophisticated advancement. These people become mentally stressed and are compelled to go to places that offer various retreats. Sri Lanka is an ideal location and we are yet to obtain the full benefits of this sector.

Religion and spirituality are still among the most common motivations for travel. However, there is much opportunity to harness the potential of sustainable spiritual tourism in Sri Lanka. Locations also matter widely where tranquillity, peace and surroundings matter. Be it a secluded oceanfront, a rainforest mountain range or simply a tranquil cottage in a forgotten village one will find spirituality in any unique destination in Sri Lanka.

Over 40 million people travel out of their country every year seeking spiritual development, inner peace, happiness or tranquility. They go to various locations across the world and engage themselves in yoga, meditation and participate in discourses. 


Travel to the heart of the island, its Cultural Triangle, to discover the rich historical and cultural past by way of many exceptional archaeological sites. Enjoy a rare occasion to practice meditation with a Buddhist monk amid the luxurious nature of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Find yourself transformed by the nurturing environment of this tropical island, with a better balance between mind and body, and greater knowledge of the Buddhist philosophy.

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